On Saturday, October 28 2023, the English club of Santa Theresia Junior High School held a special activity with a native as the speaker. This activity is the second special English Club activity. On this occasion, the English club invited Ms. American Holly Lard Krueger, with topic “The Wonderful Places”.

English Club activities, starting with a speech from Mr. Dwiatmoko, the secretary of Yohanes Paulus Depok Foundation. Furthermore, Mrs. Lisa, as the school principal, also gave the welcoming words.

Ms. Holly is an advisor who has worked for 15 years. Ms. Holly shared her experience of flying to various countries and inspiring the students to get out of their comfort zone. Her first experience when she was 14 years old, where she flew to Africa on a student exchange for a social activity, helping to install irrigation in remote villages. She also said that we can travel without money by imagining, by reading books and watching films and imagining places, food and local people. The statement that inspired the students, aroused them to see the world through creativity and imagination.

In this event, the students were also given the opportunity to share their dream to fly to various countries such as England, Japan, Brazil, etc. There was enthusiasm on their faces when they talked about the countries they wanted to visit someday.

Then, continued with a question and answer session with Ms. Holly, the students have lots of interesting questions to ask. Everyone was curious about her life, who often flew to various countries.

After that, continued with podcast activities with Gita as the host. After that, the students were entertained by Selin with her storytelling performance “The Little Mermaid”.

This event closed with the song “Take me home, country roads” sung by Mr. Dwi. He also invited the students to sing together. It made togetherness as a wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.

This activity is not only about telling about the fun of traveling, for the students, this activity trained their courage and ability to speak English fluently, without feeling ‘worry to make mistake’ when speaking English.

“You don’t have to be rich to travel and you don’t have to go far to travel” – Holly Lard Krueger